Cesis 814


On Saturday, July 18, the first virtual city festival in Latvia will take place in Cēsis!
The theme of the holiday this year will be "Celebrate together!". It has been chosen to emphasize that even during pandemic constraints and virtual celebrations, there is a sense of community and celebration that is accessible and engaging to everyone.
Virtuality as a component of the holiday will be not only a live broadcast of the holiday, but also the creation of a sense of participation and togetherness for every viewer of the holiday.
At this festival, we want to show everyone how diverse and talented people come from Cēsis, so the festival stage will be a platform for musicians, chefs, comedians, illusionists, etc. to maintain the dynamism of "Cēsis 814" throughout the day. In addition, the benefit of the live broadcast of the festival is that in this way the recording of “Cēsis 814” will remain available online to anyone interested.

Cēsis was founded in 1206, it is the third oldest city in Latvia and the birthplace of the Latvian flag.

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