Co-creating urban space - testing the living street concept in the Baltic Sea Region

How can we transform our urban areas from car-dominated spaces to spaces for people? Can we support the citizens´ change of mobility behaviours by providing multimodal infrastructure and options? And how can we together with our citizens, create a city space for all? These were the leading questions for the cities.multimodal project (INTERREG BSR Programme 2017-2021), including 10 cities around the Baltic Sea as well as numerous expert partners.

To present our results and outcomes from the project, cities.multimodal is launching the "CHANGE YOUR WAY(S) -  Towards liveable cities in the Baltic Sea Region" webinar series. This webinar series presents four thematic sessions, including city cases, discussions and space for exchange.
The first webinar session "Co-creating urban space - testing the living street concept in the Baltic Sea Region", will take place on December 10th 9:30-11:00. The project lead partner the Hanseatic City of Rostock will be represented by Lisa Wiechmann, she will give an introduction to the Living Street concept and the purpose it has served in cities.multimodal. Magdalena Szymanska from the City of Gdansk and Kaspar Alev from the City of Tartu will present their cities' experiences of organizing Living Streets. In the panel discussion, the presenters will be joined by Michael Abraham from the evaluation partner, the Technical University of Berlin. The agenda can be found in the PDF.
Starting from January 2021 series will continue with three webinar sessions covering citizen involvement and campaigns, mobility management with different stakeholder groups and mobility points. More information about cities.multimodal and the webinar series can be found here: