Eroding Human Memory

23.03.2018 to 02.09.2018

What is Satanic art, what Finnish art is. Who can be named a master, who is a pioneer? And on what grounds? Maurice Halbwachs used the concept of collective memory already in the 1920s. It is not about metaphor, but about the social reality that groups and institutions create, mediate, and strive to maintain. The interpretations of the past do not build on private memory. Individual memory is socially constructed and shaped by mutual communication.In memory of the erosion exhibition, Juhani Tarnana's huge Smokestack painting looks at the time deposits and the ways of viewing the public works of art. Savings that are modernized in the industrial city of Pori in 1966 have been conserved in connection with the renovation of the Science Park and will be exhibited at the Pori Art Museum for the spring season 2017 before it will be hung up at the renewed Science Park premises. The work is part of the Pori City Art Collection.

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