Eyes on the Horizon exhibition

14.02.2019 to 02.02.2020

Espoo has more islands than Hawaii and the whole coastline is in the public’s free use. Nowadays the Waterfront Walkway and the archipelago are beloved recreational destinations and nature is thought by many to be the best thing about Espoo. For thousands of years the sea has provided a living for both coastal and island inhabitants. The Eyes on the Horizon exhibition tells about seaside Espoo from the perspective of changes faced in livelihoods, leisurely pursuits and in nature over the years. The maritime scenery leads visitors to explore marine themes and atmospheres. You can stop to study, play, dive and fish. On a route marked by navigation markers you can get acquainted with the stories and sea-related memories of the residents of the Kivenlahti neighborhood in Espoo.

More information: http://www.kulttuuriespoo.fi/en/event/21822-coming-eyes-horizon-exhibiti...