Festival “Palanga Table 2016”


As the end of the summer season, Palanga invites its citizens and guests to enjoy its final activities and commemorate an international day of tourism. The people who are gathered here are invited to sit down with a neighbour, pal, friend or guests near the longest table in the country and not only taste traditional potato pancakes, cooked pig and fish soup cooked right here by the fishermen, but also to admire the craftworks of Palanga artists. A Healthy Food Festival has been organized for 24th time by the Lithuanian Union of Sturdiers and will participate in the biggest autumn celebration of the resort. There will be a fair of publications, rode teas, spices and eco products.

More information: Phone +370 460 48 547, e-mail: palangoskc@centras.lt, www.palangoskulturoscentras.lt