Hearts & Minds Festival

28.09.2018 to 30.09.2018

Body, Mind and Intellect
The festival focuses on the good life with a healthy body, mind and intellect. Experience how communication and activity can be combined and learn more about what happens to your body when you run, eat right, socially interact, challenge your intellect and much more.

The good life
What do we even know about the good life? Where do we find it? Is it based on raw food or red wine? Running shoes or a recliner? Let your senses be tickled and your intellect be challenged by experiences that speak to your heart and mind – sense and sensibility. The festival revolves around the presentation of knowledge, activities and culture, which all are fun, social and healthy ways to learn.

The festival’s events are held in various urban spaces and at select stages in close co-operation with the city’s institutions of culture and knowledge.

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