Historic city walk: The secret Malmö - Classic


The secret Malmö is a city walk in the tracks of security and intelligence services. We talk about secrets that have taken place in the city, mainly during the Cold War, but we also have events from World War II.

Gunnar Ekberg, who is one of the guides, has himself been a secret agent for the Swedish military intelligence service. It was in Malmö that his secret life began and about it and a meeting with a Stasi agent, who received the North Star Order from the Swedish court, he will tell. There will also be episodes from his time as an infiltrator in a feared terrorist organization.

Lena Breitner specializes in Stasi, which had many agents operating in Skåne. We visit Holm Haase's secret signal locations and spy mailboxes, called dead drops. Malmö's parks have certainly never been safer than the summer that Säpo played park guards and chased East German sleepers ... with a camera!
More information: https://evenemang2.malmo.se/en