INTA World Congress

16.04.2018 to 17.04.2018

The New Urban Agenda (NUA) has recognized State institutions, Local Authorities, private sector and collaborative organizations as active actors of change, but other categories of people, such as those in difficulty or marginalized or in transit, are perceived as recipients of aid and not as agents of change. They are considered in relation to their needs and not in relation to the contribution they can make to the development of their own social sphere and to the progress of the "urban society" as a whole. Any initiative that allows for a collaborative, inclusive and participatory approach to decision-making, implementation and monitoring will play a crucial role. The challenge is not just to implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); it is equally important to learn to think, plan and act with all categories of inhabitants, especially those who are most often excluded.

Each place needs infrastructure and services that are accessible to all, and while building them, we must together define and redefine, to adjust and readjust, invent and reinvent the objectives and goals of local development in order to adapt them to new challenges.

The City of Malmo together with INTA, are organizing the 41st annual World Urban congress over 2 days of intense debates. It will visit new opportunities of partnerships to build sustainable cities and communities.

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