"Integrational Cities, Integration = Safety" Conference, Gdańsk, 29-30 June 2017

29.06.2017 to 30.06.2017

"Integrational Cities. Integration = Security"

The Mayor of Gdansk cordially invites to the conference "Integrational Cities. Integration = Security", which will take place on 29 and 30 June 2017 in Gdańsk. It will be organized by the City of Gdańsk, the European Solidarity Center and the Center for the Support of Immigrants in partnership with IOM, UNHCR, Union of Polish Metropolises.

The event will attempt to reflect on how to build integration processes that are mutually beneficial while managing the risks associated with assimilation, exclusion and poverty, social segregation, and ethnic or religious conflict.

On the first day issues related to managing migration locally will be discussed.
In the evening an intercultural event is planned with the Lipali concert http://lipali.net
The second day will be devoted mainly to issues related to integration and security. The key speakers will be:
Dr. Karen Majewski is the mayor of Hammtramck for three terms, one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the US, where the city council is dominated by members of the Muslim community - Yemen and Bangladesh. Erja Tikka is working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland and demonstrates that security has improved in the country thanks to the adoption of refugees; Dr. Montserrat Feixas Vihe is a UNHCR representative for Central Europe.
The conference will be also a good occasion to celebrate an anniversary of adopting by the Gdansk City Council the Immigrants Integration Model, ie local migration and integration policy in Gdańsk - download in English

The urban portal devoted to migration is at: http://www.gdansk.pl/migracje . There is also a website and a campaign dedicated to solidarity with refugees http://www.gdansk.pl/dla-ofiar-wojny/

“We also hope that the conference will be a pretext for strengthening cooperation between the cities and the Polish metropolis. We would also like to inaugurate creation of a team for migration and integration of Polish cities affiliated within the Union of Polish Metropolises. This platform will be supported by IOM and UNHCR co-organizers of the conference.” says Piotr Olech, Deputy Director on Social Inclusion, City Hall of Gdańsk Department of Social Development. “The conference is a call for dialogue on migration management at the local level, we have no ready solutions, we are still learning, we are looking for good solutions and we are gaining experience. We invite you to participate.”

Participation in the conference is free of charge, but the travel and accommodation costs must be covered by participants themselves.

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