Invitation to the webinar: Culture and politics in the COVID-19/post COVID-19 times

Cultural Cities Commission invites to the series of webinars about the culture in and after the pandemic. The first one: Culture and politics in the COVID-19/post COVID-19 times will be held on 9 June 2020 at 10:00 CET.
What is the role of the governments and cities in the Baltic Sea Region in sustaining culture during and after the pandemic period? What specific measures are taken in different countries and what is up to come? How can the cultural sector transform/adapt its ways of operating in these stressful times? What are the new ways and formats to sustain?
These and other related questions are to be tackled at the first Cultural Cities Commission webinar that will be held online on 9 June 2020 at 10:00 CET. Invited speakers and the participants will have an opportunity to discuss and exchange their worries and ideas.
Register by 5 June 2020:
A link to the event will be sent in due time.
The webinar is the first part of a series of events of the Commission that will take place in June-September 2020:
2020-08-04 Pandemic and border closures - how to sustain cultural exchange?
Threats of the self-isolation of countries in the face of the quarantine: how does it affect various communities? Is there still a possibility for an intercultural exchange inside and outside the countries? The second part of the webinar will discuss the new notion of a cultural mobility: as a cross-border movement is suspended for an indefinite period, what specific formats of international cooperation/representation are to be used further? Is there a need for creating new tools or platforms or how can we take more advantage of already existing ones?
More information to come up.
2020-09-08 Changing habits: from cultural creation to participation   
About half a year after the introduction of quarantine restrictions in Europe, can we measure the impact on individual artists and cultural operators? What measures have been taken to maintain their work? How do habits change: in creative processes and in ways of participation or consumption?
We announce an OPEN CALL for the UBC cities to take part in the webinar and present the cases from member cities, in a format of short presentations up to 5 minutes each. The registration is at
More information to come up.