Jēkabpils eager to establish exchange

Jēkabpils is very open to investments and start-ups in such sectors like – logistics, IT, food production.

Municipality of Jēkabpils will develop information about the available local areas, data on the business environment, infrastructure and site characteristics.
A description of the free industrial territories in Latvian, Russian and English is available at: https://www.jekabpils.lv/sites/default/files/universalais/2013/07/2166-investors/jekabpils-v48-eng.pdf

Business incubator provides all necessary information for business start-ups and investment environment in the city and state.

The Municipality is eager to establish exchange with counterparts in other UBC member cities. The cultural offer is presented at: www.jkp.lv Sports activities are managed by Sports centre: http://jekabpilssc.lv/

Jēkabpils can offer expertise in such areas as: civic participation, initiatives for youth, gender equality, sports, culture. The NGO centre is very active: http://jekabpilsnvo.lv/
The Municipality would need expertise in safety issues, entrepreneurship and investment attraction.

Jēkabpils is very interested in common knowledge regarding future development planning within European Union and UBC in particular. The city regards UBC as excellent platform of collaboration and development of cities around the Baltic Sea.

More information: Margita Liepina, Margita.Liepina@jekabpils.lv