Liepāja – recovering from Covid-19

The city's recovery from the Covid-19 outbreak takes place in accordance with the easing of requirements gradually introduced in Latvia. In order to facilitate sectoral work, the city of Liepāja still applies certain support tools and arrangements for the local residents.

“I dare to vocalize it loudly and say that Liepāja and our local residents have been the main initiators of many of the decisions subsequently taken at the national level,” stresses Liepāja City Council Chairman Jānis Vilnītis. “We have analysed, studied and presented our well-grounded ideas to the national bodies. Some of our Covid-19 resilience proposals that were taken into consideration and later implemented on a national level include free hours in vaccination centres, stricter border controls, the introduction of safety colour principles, setting four levels of risk, improving the mechanism for support for entrepreneurs and proposing to improve the requalification study process. I am grateful to residents, businessmen and our city guests for a responsible attitude during Covid-19 restrictions. Since March last year, we have remotely met with citizens and entrepreneurs, hearing their views and suggestions. And it is the right synergy at this time – to listen attentively and take responsible decisions that are the best for citizens, entrepreneurs and the operational work of the local government," says Mayor Mr Jānis Vilnitis.

The municipality already launched two tenders on culture projects this year with the aim of financially supporting Liepāja cultural organizations, which implement notable, unique and traditional cultural projects in various fields of culture and art. Projects that are planned to be carried out in Liepāja during the Covid-19 are eligible for the tenders. In addition, we already have allocated more than €110 000 for 15 entrepreneurs who took part in the Small and Medium-sized Entrepreneurs Support tender.

From the moment the Latvian government decided to allow the reopening of outdoor terraces, more than 30 Liepāja catering companies have rearranged their environment, and as of May 7, city locals and guests can again enjoy their meals in the restaurants or cafes in Liepāja.

In 2021, the city has launched a “Meet the Liepāja paradoxes” campaign, encouraging guests to take a responsible leisure in Liepāja – visit the intact nature, the charming urban environment, experience high-level hospitality and cultural offer.

In addition, the local government continues to organise free outdoor exercise activities for people of different ages, in order to provide residents with the possibility to sport and have an active free time in compliance with safety regulations.

Liepāja municipality is steadily involved in coordinating the vaccination process in the city, proactively calling on residents to act responsibly and to use the possibility of vaccination.

Local recreational and cultural establishments continue to provide services to the population, adapting to the current circumstances – sports clubs and coaches organise sport lessons in the open, cultural institutions offer online events, exhibitions are open to public outdoors, etc.
As of June 15, the national government will introduce gradual abolishment of restrictions for fully vaccinated or immune people.

Contact person:
Nataļja Vecvagare
Liepāja City Council
International Policy Adviser to the Mayor