Mikko Jokinen awarded for his life-long work for a cleaner sea

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Östersjöfonden (the Baltic Sea Foundation), the delegation of the foundation has decided to award four persons who, through their extensive life work, have engaged in improving the Baltic Sea environment.

Two of the awards came to Turku, as the former UBC board member, UBC Sustainable Cities Commission Chair and Environmental Manager of the City of Turku Mikko Jokinen and Professor of Marine Biology at the Åbo Akademi University Erik Bonsdorff got the award.

The award of 100 000 euros is shared between Bonsdorff, Jokinen, Jochen Lamp (Germany) and Olga Senova (Russia). The Award ceremony is held on Friday 10th May in Mariehamn, Åland.

Mikko Jokinen was Finland’s first municipal environmental director and has participated in first building up and later developing environmental protection practice in Finland. He has also actively contributed to cooperation between the Baltic Sea Region’s municipalities and cities.

- This is a great honor for me, I am sincerely grateful. It is, of course, nice to get recognition for long-term work, says Jokinen. He retired in 2015 and then returned back to traditional nature conservation hobbies and engagements on for example at the Archipelagia Society.

Read more about Mikko Jokinen's work and thoughts on UBC Sustainable Cities Commission website.

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