The new UBC Executive Board met online

The new UBC Executive Board, elected in the XVI UBC General Conference in October, met today online. The Board approved the applications of two new UBC member cities: Rumia, Poland and Gatchina, Russia. UBC President Mantas Jurgutis expressed a warm welcome to the UBC family.

Other topics on the agenda were planned activities, project proposals and budget for 2022, which the Executive Board approved. In addition, the Board decided to support "SMILE CITY goes Baltic" – an initiative of the City of Rostock – as well as authorised the UBC Presidium to make the final decision after application of three UBC member cities to establish an ad hoc commission on education. Final decision about a new commission is made by the general conference.

To conclude, President Jurgutis emphasized that despite the difficult situation created by the global pandemic, the UBC Commissions have done exceptional work.

– We didn’t stop, we even increased our work, we moved online. The spring will tell if we are finally able to meet in person, which I know we are all looking forward to.

Mayor Vitaly Filonenko expressed the gladness by City of Gatchina for being approved as member city of the UBC.