New Year's Eve in the middle of a hot summer


"New Year's Eve in the middle of a hot summer, why not!"

It is already a tradition that in Darłowo, residents and tourists welcome the New Year twice. And it is in the summer that they are celebrating him with a decidedly loud show.
On August 14, let's meet together on the promenade of the setting sun, where at the foot of the Lighthouse in a truly bubbly aura we will have fun until late hours. Do not worry that it is Tuesday, because Wednesday is a day off from work (like January 1 :)). What is waiting for you?
During the event there will be good music for the New Year's Eve stomping on the foot, and of course we will symbolically welcome the New Year with a pop-fire. The champagne corks will also be shot. That is why we have invited a specialist for these bubble beverages. NOJI, you know who it is about? Yes ! A special guest will be fond of Darłowo TEDE. Together with Ekipa NWJ, they will spend this time with us, and perhaps we will be able to persuade the rapper to perform several songs, in which music videos often pour streams of champagne.

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