PITCH, a model for gender-sensitive intergration strategies based on Personalised, partIcipaTory, loCal, and multi-stakeHolder approaches, is a 36-months project co-funded by the EU Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund. UBC is a project partner.

It is aimed at establishing a common European ground to support the design and implementation of local integration strategies addressed to migrant women, based on a personalised, participatory, and multi-stakeholder approach. The project will do so by co-designing a model, translating it into 7 local strategies, and pilot-testing it with migrant women in Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Spain, Cyprus, Lithuania and Sweden. This will lead to:
- Enhanced socio-economic integration of migrant women and increased interaction between them and the host society
- A newly developed model for integration strategies adaptable to the specificities of different local contexts
- Sustainable collaborations and increased readiness of organizations, institutions and relevant stakeholders to tackle
integration issues in the future.

Total project budget is 1,488,467.37 EUR, EU grant 1,339,620.64 EUR. UBC budget is 55,614.32 EUR.