Reda eager for cooperation

Despite the limited urban space, Reda is open to new investments. Their sector is not strictly defined, but it should have a positive impact on the city as a whole.  Local companies would be interested in finding new markets in the Baltic Sea countries.
Reda is eager to cooperate with other cities in the field of culture, sport and education. Currently, Reda cooperates with the Vilnius District in Lithuania, with the city of Waldbronn in Germany and with the Polish cities of Łowicz and Lubliniec.
The Municipality can offer the knowledge of organizing sports competitions in a variety of disciplines including volleyball, football, tennis and table tennis. Reda can present the actions supporting the folklore of the region on the example of Kashubian culture. The Municipality can share experiences in the functioning of the Youth City Council as a method of social activation of youth.
More information: Stella Sobczak,