Resort’s Feast “Myliu Palangą 2022”

03.06.2022 to 05.06.2022

The traditional event in Palanga that signifies the beginning of summer tourism season was firstly organized in 1972, when Palanga became the official summer capital of Lithuania. Everyone's favorite resort festival is becoming a colorful and the only resort festival in Lithuania "I love Palanga". Under the open sky in the city streets and squares, the festival will bring together the most prominent representatives of art, entertainment, sports, culture, fashion, world cuisine from Lithuania and foreign countries. The festival would symbolize Palanga, where everyone who appreciates quality entertainment, who wants to spend valuable free time, where everyone would find heart-pleasing activities, is welcome. The program of the resort festival includes sports activities: morning exercises (Zumba, Tai Chi, Yoga, Yoga in the air, etc.), power competitions for lovers, record rope pulling on the beach, orienteering competitions. The (non) traditional “Palangos Juzė“(“Juze of Palanga”) fair - one of the most anticipated fairs in Lithuania, which brings together merchants from all over Lithuania, neighbouring and Baltic countries, cherishing the fields of traditional folk art and crafts, seeking to preserve the continuity of the history and crafts of the Baltic States.

The exclusive highlight of the festival will be the interactive and harmonious performances of the professional street circus that will not be seen anywhere else in Lithuania. Viewers will see theatrical performances of aerial acrobatics, pranks drawn by jugglers and comedy artists, numbers combining elements of dance and classical circus, and improvised performances that will surprise both the youngest and adult viewers.

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