Trelleborg Jubilees

25.05.2017 to 28.05.2017

This year Trelleborg will celebrate two jubilees. Its been 50 years since the enlarged community Trelleborg was born. Until 1967 the area consist of several smaller communities at the countryside. 150 years has passed since Trelleborg regain its city priviligies. Trelleborg is a very old town, the birthyear is set to 1257 but there is proof the town has existed almost since the beginning of 1200. The Viking fortress Trelleborgen is dated around 970. In the middle age the neighboring city Malmö was not very pleased with the economic growth in Trelleborg so the persuaded the king of Denmark to withdraw Trelleborgs city priviligies. In the year 1867 Trelleborg was once again a city.
We will celebrate this the year round but mostly during two long weekends in May and June.  From 25 to 28 of May the celebration will mainly take place in the countryside outside the city. There are associations in almost every village in Trelleborg and they will take active part in the festivitas. During May 30 and June 6th the centre of Trelleborg will transform to a giant partyplace with entertainment, show, exhibitions and a lot of other things. On the National day June 6th there will be a big Motor Show with hundreds of oldtimers.
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