Welcome to invest in Ustka

Ustka Town is open to investments and startups in tourism, SPA , retail and services sectors.

There is a Generator of Entrepreneurship in Ustka. In the area of the municipality there is also a  subzone of the Special Economic Zone managed by the Pomeranian Regional Development Agency in Słupsk. One of the most important tools used by the agency is the Słupsk Special Economic Zone which covers the area of 910 hectares. Today the zone represents not only the industry, but primarily supports the formation of a modern economy, based on innovative technologies.

The companies gathered in the Słupsk Special Economic Zone represent different industries, including wood processing, automotive industry, construction industry, food processing, plastics processing, electronic industry and storage services, freight forwarding, logistics, printing, etc.

Ustka would like its local cultural institutions, such as the House of Culture, sports clubs or educational institutions, such as the library and schools to carry out exchanges with the relevant institutions in other UBC.

The town would also be interested in exchanging experiences in such areas as: civic participation, initiatives for youth, refugees’ integration, gender equality, sports, environment, city planning, safety issues, entrepreneurship.

More information: Joanna Koza,