Youth for safer youth

The main aim of the project is to research safety concerns of the youth and the best ways to reach them in the Baltic Sea Region. Safety experts together with youth representatives will develop a questionnaire in which safety concerns and information about how to best reach the youth will be discovered.
During this project the collaboration between safety experts and youth will be a crucial point. The project prepares for the larger scale project in which youth in the Baltic Sea region will be educated about how to increase their safety in physical and virtual world.
Duration and budget - The duration of the project is 1.9.2019-31.8.2020. The budget of the project is 50 550 €.
The Project is co-funded by the Council of The Baltic Sea States Project Support Facility with 45 500 €.
Lead Partner: Liepaja Municipal Police, Latvia (as UBC Safe Cities Commission)
Other partners:
Espoo Youth Services, Finland
Kaunas City Municipality, Lithuania
Liepaja Children and Youth Centre, Latvia
Southwest Finland Emergency Services, Finland

More information: Kaspars Vārpiņš,