Sustainable Cities Commission meeting, Greifswald

27.04.2022 - 08:30 to 28.04.2022 - 23:30

The first offline Commission meeting after the coronavirus-caused break: UBC Sustainable Cities invites you to Greifswald, Germany on 27–28 April 2022! The Commission meeting in 2022 will be under the topic "Sustainable Cities: Trends and Challenges in the Baltic Sea Region".
This Commission meeting will bring the diverse programme including exciting site visits and engaging discussions in addition to insightful presentations from your city peers around the Baltic Sea. The complexity of approaches from the UBC cities will enrich your knowledge on how to address common bottlenecks in sustainable construction, smart mobility and efficient use of resources. We will discuss:

  • Sustainable cities in the Baltic Sea region: Strategic directions.
    The new UBC Sustainability Action Programme 2022-2030 has been launched. UBC Sustainable Cities Commission will present the new vision for the UBC cooperation, developed on the basis of co-creation with the Member cities, and the ambitious goals of our network. We will get inspired by cities presenting their sustainable strategies and pathways to climate leadership.
  • Building sustainable cities – energy-smart construction perspective.
    Building and construction sector plays a significant role in ensuring urban energy efficiency. We will learn about local examples from around the Baltic Sea highlighting sustainable and efficient municipal buildings planning and construction, addressing materials and technologies.
  • Building sustainable cities – biodiversity and climate adaptation perspective.
    Climate change poses new risks to many spheres of the urban sustainability, biodiversity being one of the most vulnerable ones. We will hear about city examples of solutions for ensuring biodiversity while equipping cities with energy efficient solutions.
  • Sustainable mobility in UBC cities.
    Smart, green, integrated and multimodal: UBC cities are actively addressing the urban mobility sector. We will look into city cases where the shift from cars to green and sustainable modes of transport is already visible.
  • Measuring sustainability progress in the cities.
    UBC-CDP cooperation has continued since 2016, and now every year over 20 UBC cities disclose their climate actions in the global system. 7 UBC cities have been included in the CDP A-List 2021. We will discover why it is important to measure the sustainability progress, and how cities can benefit from it.

How to build sustainable cities and what decisions to take when planning urban areas? Join us in Greifswald to find solutions from different cities in the Baltic Sea Region!

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