Webinar: UBC TALKS about wastewater safety in circular economy

24.11.2020 - 09:30 to 11:00

When talking about circular economy, how can you ensure safety of the whole water cycle? The UBC TALKS webinar in November will open up the theme "Wastewater safety in circular economy". How to better handle hazardous substances in the wastewater treament process and what are the best ways to raise awareness of citizens regarding their role in this cycle? Save the date to join the discussion!
Tuesday, 24 November at CET
The detailed programme is coming soon!


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UBC TALKS is a series of webinars launched by the UBC Sustainable Cities Commission to discuss various topics of the sustainable development in the Baltic Sea Region. In 2020, the webinars occur every month on Tuesday. The time of the webinar is in CET.

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